Maggie + Cal // Vestavia Country Club // Alabama Wedding

September 23rd, 2017


I met Maggs early this year as I overheard her excitedly telling people she was engaged at a restaurant downtown. Mostly as a joke to myself I decided to swoop in and ask if she had found her photographer yet. Little did I know that that conversation would lead into one of my greatest friendships here in Birmingham. Magsben is the wild to my whimsical and I can't believe I found her! ...and not only that, but my sporadic marketing strategy worked and she also booked me for her September wedding! 

I know that the Lord crafted my friendship with her because it wasn't too long after the first time we grabbed coffee together that I was convinced she belonged in my life, not just as one of my bride-clients, but as a sister to laugh with/at and dance like a fool with. I loved getting to know her heart over the past few months and hearing the stories about her and Cal and how perfectly he fits into her life as he leads her and follows Christ. 

Maggie and Cal's wedding day was full to the brim with special moments and overflowing with love from their friends and family... seriously overflowing. I feel like in the short eight hours of her wedding day, I got to know Maggs even better than I could've over the past few months. She is humble and loving and selfless, and I saw these characteristics displayed as she fan-girled over of her beautiful bridesmaids and friends as they arrived on HER wedding day. (But lets remember, this is Maggie Benner... so not long after her compliments towards them, she also put her crown back on and accepted applause and aw's from the rest of us. "Yes. I know. I'm so pretty". Haha) I love you Mags. 

And not only did I get to know my friend better, but I actually got to meet Caleb Wambsganns! And although I never doubted that Maggie's choice in husbands would be the best combination of good lookin' and entertaining, it was a nice site to finally put the flesh to the name ;) She did well. 

There was nothing exhausting about September 23rd. It was the most smooth and flowing wedding day that I've worked in a long time, and I completely credit that to their families. Every detail was carefully taken care of, every smile was genuine and full of joy for the couple. It was a beautiful picture of the Gospel to see two families united through vows and surrendur. And the partying wasn't just at the reception! The entire day was full of celebration and dance-breaks and laughter. And sweet, sweet remembrance and honoring of a dear friend's absence.

So happy you chose me to be there to love on you in this unique way and capture all your wedding day memories. Congratulations to the Wamagssbgbsganzas!