JAY + LINDSEY // Aldridge Gardens // Alabama Wedding


Lindsey + Jay and the radiant light of Christ's love through the beautiful gift of marriage. 

As I sat and listened to the sweet stories being shared toast-to-toast the night before the knot, I was a hopeless wreck of emotions. The joy was evident on the faces of everyone who sat and listened to Jay speak about the moment he saw his breathtaking future-wife (and didn't think much of her..haha) OH, but the seconddd time he saw her just a few months later. He was determined to get some time with that southern belle who's smile is unlike any other. Her faith in Jesus Christ was a deal-sealer and his pursuit of her was honorable and with great intent. 

I met Lindsey in the summer of 2015 and had the pleasure of hearing those giddy-early-on relationship stories about this "Jay Davis". Although the conversations were short and interrupted by members walking into the country club, I was only hopeful that this guy would never leave her side. Because, boy, did her face light up when she spoke of him!

When I moved back to Bham last fall, I had a few short conversations with Lindsey to catch myself up on the status of this "Jay Davis" once more. Praise the Lord for this man of God who was wholeheartedly putting his walk before their relationship (which only made their relationship more pure and celebratory). 

Low + behold. Later that fall. A phone call from Lindsey wasn't JUST to update me on her recent engagement, but to give me the honor of being on her wedding-day team as her photographer. Y'all, I hope the joy of those moments never fades. It is seriously such a joy to be the one to capture the timeless moments of a wedding day. 

All of Lindsey + Jay's wedding-day preparations unfolded August 26th, 2017. And I'll be honest, I was very overwhelmed with the beauty in every detail that was waiting for me as I arrived to Aldridge Gardens. Genuine laughter and the sounds of early 2000's bands echoed through the house as Jay and his groomsmen put their tuxes on. And symphonies of giggles and playful cheers and tears filled the bridal room as Lindsey revealed her white-gown to her lady-pack. So many family and friends gathered to watch a bright-eyed California boy finally take that Belle to be his own. The music was melodious and the dance floor was nothing short of lit.

I'd say that these two Samford-Sweethearts destroyed the game as far as wedding celebrations! 

Enjoy this story-book of Mr. and Mrs. Davis' fairytale day below :)

Venue: AldridgeGardens

Florals: Vera Flora Design

Gown: Ivy and Aster

Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS

Hair: Celine Russell

Photography: LeahGracePhotography