marti + wade // birmingham, al engagement


about 8 of my favorite-ish things happened simulTANEOUSLY this past monday and im about to fill ya in. (scroll down past these words and parentheses for the picture form of this recap...) ((i'm writing this while jamming to some nathaniel rateliff at octane, so excuse the dose of hype))

1. me and my best friend (martha) and her BEST friend (wade) put on our best jeans (holes and fades not left behind) and highlighted a bit of their love for an engagement session

2. we didn't just go to a field (like most engagement sessions) ... we coffee-shopped it up at woodlawn cycle and made the most of the "littlest" (hyper-millennial minimalists)

3. clearly this included coffee. nothing else to say about that

4. we not only photo-ed, we also video-ed, which is new and addicting for me. click here to head to my instagram and catch a bit of that vid!

5. scene change! rooftop, pizitz. downtown strolls. mtn brk overlook. AND .... undisclosed favorite location for sunsets in this home of ours: the ham bam, bham. (fun fact, i just had to ask siri how to spell "strolls")

6. lots and lots of black and whites to give such a classy, timeless feel to their love-highlights

7. the two of them. i couldn't have asked for a better friend in my birmingham adventures than marti. their love is a clear picture of the faithfulness of the Lord, His beautiful gifts, undeserving grace, and the joy that we can have in him. i was listening to a podcast earlier this week (that marti actually pointed me to.... at least i think its the one i just linked. if not, there's some other divine reason you need to click that link) about what its like to experience the gifts of the Lord as a believer. it points us more and more to Him and having a gratitude that goes beyond temporary enjoyment. 

8.  monday was a sweet taste of what their wedding day is going to be like! i'm ECSTATIC about documenting the celebration of their ____ *insert less cheesy word than "union". thanks for choosing me, marti and wade. i love you two!