Lindsey and Jay // HIGHLAND Park Engagement // Alabama Wedding Photography

Lindsey and Jay! You are my dream couple! When I used to sit and imagine what my future in photography might look like, your Spring Engagement Session is the ideal. The flowing, floral dress. The bright sun flares. A couple so willing to try any and all things. And the LAUGHTER and genuine joy that just emanates from your love for each other. It's such blessing to work with couples like you two, so on fire for your Maker. 

Not to mention that after the session, Lindsey has made sure to give me all social media shout outs! I've heard from several of her friends about shooting their engagements or weddings. New bookings that come solely from couples who've seen images of my other clients is the BEST! I'm like a child finding out they're going to DISNEY WORLD! The network of the wedding photography world is so thrilling to me. And it's incredibly rewarding to hear that someone would trust me for documenting such important moments. 

This extroverted photographer is beyond pleased with the results of this April engagement session. And all the more anticipating their August wedding!!!