Lizzie + Tommy // Gadsden Country Club // Alabama Wedding


Early this year I sat down at Octane Coffee in Homewood, AL with an ever-so-smiley Lizzie and her groom to be, Tommy, to hear about their vision for their wedding and the qualities they were looking for in their documentary team. To my surprise, they had lots of ideas, and even wanted to stretch my largest wedding coverage just a bit to make sure I was there for all moments of their day! I couldn't have hidden how thrilled I was to hear how much they valued the time with their photographer... and lucky for me, I made the cut! 

After hearing a little more about them and their love story, their PARIS proposal and the excitement they both had for their wedding day (AND the dance party to follow), I was sold and knew we were a good fit! Sweet, sweet Lizzie was such a trouper to keep up with all the emails and phone calls with me in the months leading up to the wedding... WHILE thriving at med school!? She's my hero. 

September 16, 2017. 

There were a lot of details and moments that had shining glory on Lizzie's wedding day, but a few of my favorites in particular (some with less glory and a bigger dash of comedy):

-Lizzie's excitement over her succulent (yes I said it!) succulent bouquet!

-The laughter and pride of a particular bridesmaid embracing her gown malfunction (she was the source of my laughter all-hours of the day).

-Tommy's mother's wedding-essentials-basket! (We're talkin' not one, but TWO brands of foot numbing spray, y'all!)

-When Gracie brought the veil to the first look, she also handed off some carmex to Tommy, who proceeded to ask if there was a 2012 expiration date on chapstick should be concerning. 

-Some sweet tears of joy filled up Lizzie's big brown eyes as her groom held her tightly before they split off for the ceremony

-The glow of that groom was absolutely unmatched by any other smile in the sanctuary! 

-An incredible band took care of them throughout their reception. Tommy became a guitar player, a moment I think he'd been waiting his entire life for. And to top that, Lizzie surprised us all with her first attempt at keeping the beat on the cowbell

But most of all the love exemplified by their smiles and the celebrations and cheers of their closest friends and family was what tied it all together!


(Let me take a quick moment to brag on the people in Lizzie + Tommy's lives. It is so absolutely important to have a support team to love-on, encourage, challenge, and celebrate with. Tommy's mother was so helpful in communicating everything to me for wedding-prep and she never missed a beat! Her smile, and joy, and the comedy she brought to the room leading up to the ceremony was such a delight! I treasure the chance to witness a mother's pride for her son on his wedding day, and not only that, she loves sweet Lizzie like a daughter she never had. And Miss Gracie Ernstberger was my spirit's relief the entire wedding day, I can't even imagine how much of a heightened breath of fresh air she was for her sister-bride. Gracie took care of not only Lizzie, but all the bridesmaids, every family member, every detail, she was there to bring a calm and peace over everyone! The day wouldn't have flowed as it did without her attention to detail and her genuine elation for her sister.)


Now, take a scroll through their treasured moments!