Cameron and Kristina // 2 Year Anniversary // Birmingham

Cameron and Kristina won a contest on my Instagram back in the winter and decided to save their session for when it was warmer. They could NOT have guessed that April 9th was going to be the most beautiful day! And we probably all had doubts by the time we were on Tornado Watch (WHAT?!) just this past Wednesday! The weather was gorgeous this weekend and this couple glowed in the sunset-rays. 

These two!>> I can't get over how blissful and dreamy their love is! So sweet! I can always tell my couples are in fun-love when I can throw literally any idea their way and they're on board! I've also realized that the South is THE PLACE for dancing. Cameron and Kristina jumped at the suggestion to dance in front of the camera. and in public. and in the middle of a 5 lane street. downtown. And there is nothing easier for me to capture, because suddenly I am no longer in charge of how they "pose". Cameron took over and lead us into the dreamiest moments, and sweetest giggles and touches from Kristina. 

GAH! I love the way photography has allowed me to meet some of the most enjoyable people! Can't wait to do more sessions for them in the future! Now enough of my words! Scroll down! Scroll down!