Gabi and Garrett // Soledad Canyon

This entire session was a D R E A M!!! I've been wanting to do a styled shoot for so long, and on top of that, I don't know how I've been doing professional photography for over a year and a half and have never hiked up into Soledad Canyon for a session. This time of the year, the sunsets are so dreamy and full of gold! And the canyons in the Organ Mountains are lush and green! Like I said, this evening in the desert mountains was a fairy tale. 

I couldn't have had a better couple in front of my camera! Garrett and Gabi are so in love! I'm obsessed with a comment Garrett made after I squealed about forcing them into this session, he said "Leah, you are not forcing us. This is just a chance for us to love each other even more!" It was true! I got to just watch them stare at each other. so. in. love. And now we all get to have a little glimpse of their indie-sweet-heart session!