Stephanie and David //Mountain Brook, AL

Stephanie + Dave! These two CLEARLY killed their engagement session! Stephanie has been so encouraging on my photography journey and now holds the title as my very first client to call me to tell me how much she loves the images and enjoyed the session. Gosh! Those words were so great to hear! But guys, I didn't do this alone. Team effort: the joy and bliss of a newly-engaged couple plus their willingness to literally try anything I asked of them, PLUS, Alabama is just so dang gorgeous! 

I get to shoot their winter wedding in 53 days and the hair on my arms stand up with excitement!!  Their love is so absolutely genuine, and Christ-centered... and they're #TeamGoldenRetriever so I've got a special place in my heart for this bride and groom to be ;) God has blessed me so much within this passion for photography. I love getting to capture moments for my sweet friends. There's not a whole lot of things that can top that joy for me!

Enough of my word vomit, lets gush over their love.... ENJOY!