My name is Leah Grace Englehart and I am a follower of Jesus; He alone, makes me whole. And it is only through him that I experience true joy. 



  • I'm a New Mexico native, living in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • I find (or force) friendships everywhere I go.

  • I love music and art and dramatic dancing, and singing and feeling feels.

  • Brainstorming an idea could be my number one hobby. But implementing is a different thing.

  • I'm 25 years young and not afraid of 30.. or 60.


Wishes and Goals
To follow a band around as their lifestyle/roadie photog. To live in India. Visit Brooklyn. One day win an Instagram giveaway.
And to vlog like a bosssss (so that I don't have to blog). Lets chase adventures together cause I’m enneagram 7 af.

If you’re getting married in a far away land, ask about my “pay my way” package - get me there and your wedding coverage is CHEAP.


Photography has been such a gift to me! It allows me to escape other stresses, and I've been given the easiest avenue of showing Christ's love. Even though it has become my "work," there's no better way for me to start or finish my day than with YOU, documenting the moments in your stories and the wondrous
creations of a good, good Father. 

*Above imagery by @louisfort.co . Edits by Leah Grace Photography